Embedded Systems Training

Embedded Systems Engineering Training Starting from 2nd May 2019

Embedded Systems Course Content:

S.No. Contents Time
1 Introduction   2Hr.
2 The first C Program on Linux environment   3Hr.
    Editor, Compilation and execution  
    Lab Example  
3 Process Control   6Hr.
    Looking at Processes  
    Creating Processes  
    Process Termination  
    Lab Example  
4 Threads   10Hr.
    Thread Creation  
    Thread Cancellation  
    Thread-Specific Data  
    Synchronization and Critical Sections
    Linux Thread Implementation  
    Processes Vs.Threads  
    Lab Example  
5 Interprocess Communication   10Hr.
    Shared Memory  
    Processes Semaphores  
    Mapped Memory  
    Lab Example  
6 File System and system calls   4Hr.
7 Bootloader, Device Tree, User Space & Kernel Initialization   12Hr.
8 Device Driver Basics   10Hr.
    Lab Example  
9 Application Live project on linux Infotainment  

Pre-requisites for the Course :

Bachelor’s Degree in     –  Electrical / Electronics Engineering
Programming Language  –  C/C++

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